Image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus began to bleed, Austin Texas




A Hispanic family in Austin, Texas, venerated this copy of the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. As the family prayed before it in their home, the heart began to bleed on January 11, 1991. The stain of blood is visible over the heart. The family turned to their pastor, Fr. Fred Underwood, a Holy Cross Father, to investigate. Father Underwood believed this was a [truly miraculous sign]. He brought this image to the Church of San Jose in Austin, Texas; and had many copies of the picture with the bloodstain printed. On January 3, 1996 Jesus gave nine promises through a visionary, ‘to those who expose the picture of the Sacred and Bleeding Heart’, and confirmed that the image would bleed again on the fifth anniversary of the first bleeding of January 11 1991.


Nine promises Jesus made January 3, 1996


To Those Who Expose The Picture of My Sacred and Bleeding Heart


1. I, Jesus, do promise to bless each house in which the picture of My Sacred Bleeding Heart is exposed.
2. I promise to protect that dwelling place and all who reside therein.
3. I promise to bless and unite families who reside therein.
4. I promise health and healing to those family members.
5. My peace and love and joy will reside therein.
6. My Mother promises Her maternal love and special protection to those who reside in the dwelling place where this picture is exposed.
7. The evil one will not be able to reside in or enter into the dwelling place where my picture is exposed.
8. Prosperity shall come to those homes that expose this picture of My Sacred and Bleeding Heart.
9. Any home that has this picture exposed shall receive miracles of grace.


These are my promises to those who expose the picture of My Sacred and Bleeding Heart.