Rosa Mystica cries Maracaibo, Venezuela




Our Lady cries tears of oil Rosa Mystica weeps cries Rosa Mystica sheds tears
Rosa Mystica weeps tears of oil Rosa Mystica weeping oil Rosa Mystica cries tears of oil



January 2007 - From Translated from Spanish. I was early with my Aunt Jenny to the sanctuary Maria, Rosa Mystica, in Maracaibo and took with me the statue of Rosa Mystica I had in my house. I left the sanctuary almost two months and suddenly, a Sunday, on Mother's Day I send for a friend with the sanctuary right there because I could not locate my cell phone to tell me that the Virgin had more manifesting a week with oil. I go to the shrine and saw that Mother was emanating from her eyes oil. And there I was told that the statue emanated a lot of oil daily.

Aura, owner of Sanctuary, spoke to me and told me I had to bring the Virgin to my house and I decided to take her home and continued to occur there for almost 5 weeks. And from that time until today continue to make strings of prayer, especially praying the rosary by making rosaries more people with cancer by taking them to them a bit of this oil.This statue still stays at my house and my family and I have made ​​a wooden niche which is at the bottom of the Crucified Christ and both sides are the images of the Archangels Gabriel and San Rafael.