Arizona - Mother Mary appears on mirror and weeps



Reported in [Spirit] online newspaper. An apparition of the Virgin Mary similar to Our Lady of Grace (above) has appeared at the home of an Assyrian Catholic family in Arizona-USA on 1-7-03 (Christian Orthodox Christmas Day) and is still visible to this day. The apparition appeared on a large mirror in the family's living room. The pictures below were taken on 2-1-03. Although the pictures aren't that great... but the real image is incredible! In case you have any doubts, a tear came down from the image. The house lady said that the tear was oily in the beginning and it has dried up since. The tear is quite visible in some of the pictures. You could also see that the Virgin Mary has a golden robe around her. Moreover, it is said that the image reappeared after disappearing when an old lady rubbed her hand against it.