Our Lady of Lourdes cries, San Antonio, Chile



Our Lady of Lourdes weeping.



May 15, 2012 Reported at [soychile.cl]. Videos about this story can be found [here], [here], [here] and [here]. Translated from Spanish. Chile: Images of the Virgin of Lourdes crying blood. The Image of Our Lady of Lourdes weeping blood in the town of Lo Gallardo, in the town of San Antonio, Chile. Crying caused excitement among the people, after parishioners were surprised to learn that Our Lady was weeping tears of blood.

More than 100 people came to see what was happening, so police had to intervene to normalize the traffic. As reported by the news, many person struggling to come to see the Virgin of Lourdes crying blood. The case has been reported in depth by the media who took the first pictures of this strange phenomenon and could talk to witnesses. The virgin is made of plaster and was recently repaired. It is located in a small cave.

Vitalia Reyes, in charge of the place, said that while she was cleaning the place noticed the strange phenomenon. "We find that the images of Our Lady was with those tears ... on May 20, 2010 it was the same, but remained within the people of the group, was not made public. Now it's time for people to see, "he said. Meanwhile, Jose Domingo Reyes, also belonging to the grouping of the place, narrated that "we came up with the group and the first thing we saw was that our mother was crying tears of blood. Here we gathered to see what was happening because it is not the first time Our Lady cried. "

Pilgrims come to the place people with terminal illnesses and disabilities, who just want to see with their own eyes what classifies as a miracle. It is expected that within the next few hours the Police Department can do the first surveys of blood that have flowed from witnesses say the eyes of the Virgin.