The Virgin cries at a Catholic University campus Tegucigalpa, Honduras


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January 24, 2012 - Reported in []. Translated from Spanish. Miracle is repeated. Students reported seeing the left eye that left a thick liquid. Exactly one year later, the Virgin shed tears, this time from his right eye.

A new miracle becomes a call to conversion could have been recorded during the late evening on Tuesday at the Catholic church campus Tegucigalpa - Catholic University of Honduras Our Lady Queen of Peace (Universidad Católica de Honduras Nuestra Señora Reina de la Paz or [UNICAH] Dozens of students and the Victorian priest Jesús Ibáñez, campus chaplain, claim to have witnessed the tearsthat rolled down the cheeks of the image of the Virgin Mary in her title of Queen of Peace.

The Virgin, who is credited with the same miracle last year, is located at the entrance to the university, with his arms outstretched to the community who come in search of wisdom.The miracle provoked demonstrations of faith and devotion in the school and has provoked throughout Honduras.

Hundreds of students crowded, some to witness the miracle, others to take pictures with their cell phones. It was a medical student that gave part of the miracle to the priest Victorian Ibanez, who at the time officiated the mass.

Upon moving to the place, Ibanez says she saw tears in fact go the cheeks of the Virgin Mary Queen of Peace. "I got out of the chapel, where we could climb the image of the Virgin and I could take some pictures with the camera from the pastoral rector, director of campus and other people," said the father He said that the Virgin had "in the left eye and eyelid a small drop but, on the other hand, in the right eye is a tear that had slipped to the chin. We try to take a sample but the tear that is by right eye is dry, I saw and some other people can testify. "

The Herald reported last year that the Virgin also cried January 24, 2011 ie the same date. he mystery of why the Lady cries every January 24 has not been revealed yet.