Photo of James Wilburn Chauncey's birthplace 1938



Photo of James birthplace 1938. This was the home James wrote about in his book [Eyewitness to Heaven].


James Wilburn Chauncey [talks about his near-death experience] at age 7. Seeing Angels, heaven and looking at The Face of Jesus. James describes one of the angels "Her skin was glowing with a hue that can only be described as a burnt golden color. Her hair was black as coal. Her voice was soothing and musical. She told me to not be afraid. When I asked her who she was, she said her name was Mary".

Listen to a June 2012 radio podcast mp3 interview [here] and [here]. Listen to a August 8, 2012 radio podcast mp3 interview [here]. November 1, 2014 [Listen] to a new interview with James about his near death experience.