Etched glass image of Virgin Mary with tear stains at Saint Columba's Church, May 27, 1992



Etched glass image of Mother Mary tear stained.


Many Miracles from weeping tears statues, the miracles of the sun, Fr. Bruce's [stigmata], healings, blessings, beautiful fragrances of roses, rosary's turning colors, statues turning colors, facial expressions on statues changing, and many more supernatural things happened from November 1991 and continuing well into 1993, hundreds of statues mostly of the Blessed Virgin Mary, crucifixes and pictures wept at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church (SEAS) in Lake Ridge, Virginia.

[Read/view] news report titled ‘The Seton Miracles’ Prince William church weeping statue reports continue to spark interest — but no official inquiry.

Address - St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church 12805 Valleywood Drive, Lake Ridge, Virginia 22192. There is a book about the above events called [The Seton Miracles].