Bettina Jamundo



Newspaper article about Bettina Jamundo


Brief summary of article, a rough translation from Italian. March 3, 1974. Suggestion or miracle the phenomenon that you speak at Cinquefrondi? Alarming messages of a weeping Virgin. The Virgin of Cinquefrondi. From October 26, 1971 at Cinquefrondi, Cittaclina an a warm day of kilometres from this center of the plain in the House of Ms. Bettina Jamundo a beautiful Image of the Madonna weeps. The same feature, at heart, bleeding since 1972. the dual phenomenon. A few months ago, we witnessed a tear in expressive eyes, crashed on the chest of the Holy Virgin. So round and looked like a Pearl or rather, like a star. It remained stationary. Two women arrived from afar, had decided to spend the night in front of the Heavenly Mother.Recently Ms. Bettina, now mature in years, after having some dreams would see the Holy Virgin, and would receive messages. "That the Rosary contemplating 15 posts at least every eight by my devout souls you daughter you know who I am" and that "I am the divine Mother my sad appaarizione will be for those who have not believed."