Bettina Jamundo


Left photo is of Bettina Jamundo with the stigmata, visible on her wrists. Right photo is of the owner of the picture Bettina next to the Image of Our Lady that wept often. The phenomenon was noticed for the first time on October 26, 1970. Since then has repeated. [Read/view] here above newspaper article.





Rough translation from Italian. In Cinquefrondi in the south of Italy, we find the place indicated. It lies in the same province as Maropati, in a modest house, lives Signora Bettina Jamundo. She is by trade a dressmaker, but also a great devotee of Mary, and assembles small groups of neighbours in her home to pray the Rosary. The year is again 1971, where, in Cinquefrondi, extraordinary things began to happen.

In the room was hanging a picture of the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary. On October 26th, at about 10 in the morning, two sisters were visiting Signora Bettina Jamundo and one of them noticed two tears an the picture of the Madonna, gleaming, like pearls. Then the other sister also saw them. The weeping lasted for two hours, until midday. The tears ran one after the other, from the eyelids to the bottom of the frame. The women tried to keep what had happened a secret, but it was not meant to be: an November 1st, all Cinquefrondi knew about the tears. Many came to see the miracle. The phenomenon was repeated over the course of ten days. Then, for twenty days, there were no tears to be seen. Later, the picture wept again and again. The tears were gathered into handkerchiefs, and, through them, some incurable diseases were healed.

On September l5th, 1972, an the Feast of the Seven Sorrows of Mary, blood was noticed, for the first time, an the cotton wool. into which the tears of the Madonna fell. At first, the tears were turning to blood an the cotton, but, immediately before Holy Week 1973, blood dripped from the heart of the Madonna. This bleeding lasted for three hours.

On July 16th, 1973, Bettina heard a voice say: Music then “Each tear is a sermon.”

And then a great light appeared through the window. The seer stood up and saw outside, an a tree, a shining red disk, like the sun when it is setting. After a long time, large letters appeared an the disk. They said “Jesus, The Divine Redeemer is on the cross, Mary is weeping.” In other words, the meaning is: Mankind, remember that Christ died an the cross to redeem the world, but man has forgotten, and so, Mary weeps.