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Brief summary of article, a rough translation from Italian. September 6, 1974. Messages of The weeping Virgin March 3rd. We reported the alarming messages of the weeping Virgin of Cinquefrondi. We leave readers every comment of recent events. And despite having personally seen the tears and the blood from the Virgin during veneration during the week. Us so far remained cautious looking forward but we cannot remain silent anymore and underestimate the staggering phenomenon that invokes the House of woman Bettina Jamundo increasingly large crowds of faithful but not many know that the woman has received two other important messages for modesty keeps secrets and that instead they should make us ponder seriously. At 9:35 on Wednesday April 3rd the Madonna appeared for the third time to the suffering woman that ponders the pain of her bleeding heart. "When I went in search of my Jesus he repaired souls with communions. They eventually do charity work and most beautiful daughter satisfy the prayers of my son."