Bettina Jamundo



Newspaper article about Bettina Jamundo.


Brief summary of article, a rough translation from Italian. In Bettina Jamundo's house bleeds a picture of Madonna. The phenomenon would occur already twice. The humble home of Lady Bettina and again in subuglio. The part of the heart of Mary in the Image continuous lachrymations after about two years. Bettina Jamundo 67 years owner of the painting and talks in front of her home in the capital. We found most timid woman Bettina but more and more smiling. Her room of miracles was the picture of the heart of Mary for over half a century old and was placed on a small altar full offlowers and candles offered by pilgrims. Bettina Jamundo although not very talkative has made a history of the last two years from November 2, 1971 when we ourselves watched the tearing of the November 19th. When we saw the portrait for the second time tear. April 13th Bettina tells us was collected around the framework formed a trickle of blood as you see, cotton that is used to collect tears is at the bottom of the frame of the Madonna.