Rosa Mystica exudes oil/escarchas in Saltillo, Mexico





Images are of the weeping Blessed Mother statue. Also note the green [escarchas]/frosts on Our Lady.



August 1, 2013 - Reported [here]. They say that a picture of Rosa Mystica oil exudes in Saltillo, Mexico for a year. A case of a supernatural event produced by an image of Rosa Mystica Satillo comes from Mexico, where a statue produces sweats for about a year and its owners claim that miracles have occurred.

The Rosa Mystica statues are reporting on more than supernatural events occur, such as frost, sweating oil and water, fluid and blood weepings, however not among the dozen appearances and some absolutely approved by the Catholic Church, but has its official sanctuary in Italy where the Church held Masses. A year ago Lady of the Mystical Rose came to the home of Jose Antonio Olivares Malacara, which changed the way they feel the faith, and what he assumes is a miracle, began to fill your house with people who come before the image to order your favors and get some of the oil that says, sweat when doing prayers.

Surrounded by candles, little miracles, messages, prayers and pictures of people who have helped or asking a favor, Our Lady of Rosa Mystica, patron saint of nurses, occupies a privileged place in the family room Olivares Malacara, site which became a center of prayer for all and sundry.

"I first had a picture of the Lord of Mercy was sweating, but then I had a dream where he told me to give away an image of the Virgin. That was on July 13 last year. Then, as the July 20, my cousin gave me the Virgin, and as the three days, began to sweat oil, " he says.

The image was acquired in the street behind the Cathedral of Saltillo. The Lady of the Mystical Rose was given a Wednesday, a year ago and three days to have her with him the image began to emanate a kind of substance, greasy to the touch and pink, which he describes as oil.

José Antonio Olivares Malacara not always mentioned that the image "oil sweat" and when this occurs coincides mainly when people are praying and asking for favors. "I think it's by faith or the requests of people do," he said. Ever since people learned that at home there is a Virgin "oil sweat", visits seeking favors or miracles, have attracted people from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon and in Ramos Arizpe. "There has been a lot of people here in Ramos Arizpe, Monterey, I can not deny entry to anyone because it would deny entry to God", he said.

As for the favors and the Virgin has said that some people with problems of  pain  in the body and a person with diabetes who presented retinal detachment had an improvement in their vision after asking this favor. "The case of a relative of mine that she has juvenile diabetes as a result of that I keep seeing well, she  asked me oil came in his eyes anointed three four days since she began seeing looked like before ", says Olivares Malacara.

Some neighbors who live right on the sides of the house marked No. 916, School Street and take an average of 40 years living in the place, recalled that the version has about a year. One of the neighbors, Dona Aurora, said that in his opinion not a fact doubted the credibility and authenticity of the fact, for being of Christian religion. While Catholic neighbor Luis Felipe Ramirez said it has noticed great faith on the part of believers who come to the home and pointed to worship the image and ask for some miracle.

When asked if the fact that Jose Antonio Olivares Malacara was considered a miracle and formally reported to any ecclesiastical authority of the Diocese of Saltillo or some nearby parish, said he does not yet." I have not reported, but in fact the father Pachicano you know, but not here, but on Sunday I took her to officiate Mass and yes you made ​​", he said. By insisting whether or not the report is a formal or official Rodolfo Pachicano Llaca priest, said he did not.

"No, I have not informed most people, I have not reported it, nothing more to the community to come and I have not talked to them (the Diocese)," he said. "Not since the time I've always said it will be when God decides." For his part, Fr Pachicano clarified that the issue before being considered as a supernatural or extraordinary real and must be reported formally to the Church.

"There are several popular devotions in the Church are sometimes communities seeking devotion to St. Benedict, St. Charbel, Rosa Mystica and others," he said , "in this case of Rosa Mystica, is not the only group that speaks of demonstrations ". Regarding rule by a recognition of the fact, insisted that so far could not be done or issue any comment on that, but until it is a case to be admitted for study.