The Grace of Escarchas

April 6, 2007 - At a [TLIG] prayer group a Sacred Heart Statues oozes oil, [graced] with [Blue, red, gold Escarchas], Australia.

Silver and gold escarchas [appear] in holy oil from [Archangel St. Raphael Holy Healing Ministry].


Our Lady emanates frosts Caracas Venezuela
Grace of Escarchas present on Crucifix at Audrey Santo Home
*About The Grace of Escarchas
Photo of Miraculous Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe covered in escarchas/frosts
Escarchas from St. Anthony - Oahu, Hawaii *Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6.
God's glitter/frosts/escarchas graced Kerrville, Texas
Escarchas, salt, oil appear on statue of The Mother of Eucharist and Grace in Houston, Texas
Red Escarchas appear on Jesus Sacred Heart statue and altar
Statue in Pennsylvania is exhibiting the alleged phenomenon of escarchas. Part 2.
Gold frost/escarchas appear on pilgrims visiting Carmelo Cortez
Visionaries Rose of Mystica cries oil, receives gold dust Escarchas
Georgia, iridescent gold dust on their palms/hands
Escarchas miracle in San Pedro, Mexico
Christmas Escarchas/frost Miracle, Nicaragua
Escarchas/frost manifest in Paraguay
Mystic Rose statue weeps tears of blood/The Grace of Escarchas is present, Venezuela
Margalida Castro, Colombian theatre/television actress speaks of her Grace of escarchas
Rosa Mystica oozes oil, escarchas
Holy Mother weeps, grace of Escarchas Light blue and darker blue Escarchas on statue of Our Lady
Rosa Mystica at Shrine of Little Rose Ferron, Michigan graced with Escarchas
Escarchas: God's Glitter?
Our lady weeps before war, Escarchas/frosts visible
Escarchas appear holy cards after rosary
Rosa Mystica weeps oil/grace of purple escarchas
Grace of escarchas on Rosa Mystica, wall, altar, roses, cloth.
Betania trip notes mention people picking up "escarchas rojas" (red frost)
Sacred Heart Statue oozes oil, blue and Gold Escarchas, Gold Coast Australia
Image of Virgen de la Rosa Mistica with frosts/escarchas
Many Graces of Escarchas, Mexico
Escarchas from trip to Betania, Venezuela
Blessed Mother weeps, grace of Escarchas
Our Lady weeps, escarchas appear
Rosa Mystica Image with green frosts in Venezuela
Manifestation of the Mystica Rose with Escarchas
Escarchas graces The Child Jesus crown
Close-up of preserved Escarchas on clear tape
Rosa Mystica weeps oil/grace of pink escarchas
Manifestations of The Mystical Rose, Paraguay
Escarchas fell like snow during Mass, Venezuela, Carrizal.
Various escarchas colors from a pew near Florida's Rosa Mystica
Escarchas appear on weeping Rosa Mystica, Venezuela
Virgen de la Rosa Mystica graced with Escarchas -Tamaulipas, Mexico
Rosa Mystica weeping, escarchas appear, Paraguay
Rosa Mystica exudes oil/escarchas in Saltillo, Mexico
Virgen del la Rosa Mystica with presence of frost/escarchas
Holy Glitter/Holy Oil dripping on the face of Our Blessed Mother Example of Escarchas from mystic Emma de Guzman
Miami Florida, Rosa Mistica became covered with frost/escarchas
El Cristo Peregrino – oozes red liquid, oil, emerald escarchas
In San Francisco, Venezuela Mystic Rose emanates glitter Missionary Image of Guadalupe manifests holy glitter/pearls
The small statue of the Child Jesus also has Escarchas, mostly blue Doctors say Crucifix in their home exudes oil, salt and gold glitter - Chicago
Silver Frost "escarchas" is graced to a family who had a statue of the Virgin María Rosa Mística visit their home The frosts of Maria Rosa Mystica, Paraguay
Frost falls from sky Villagrán, Guanajuato - México Holy Oil and Holy Escarchas on a white rose
Manifestation of Holy Glitter on candle As I was praying, a blessed manifestation happed. My seat had Holy Glitter, as I kept praying it got fuller and fuller.




[See here] story and [video] interview with Father Kelly on the occasion of which the Mystical Rose of Coromoto frosted green (escarchas) days before being realised Regional Elections December 5, 2010. Maracaibo, Venezuela.