In San Francisco, Zulia, Venezuela - Image of Christ cries blood and the Mystic Rose emanates glitter




Above photo is Our Lady Rosa Mystica covered in frosts/[Escarchas].



May 6, 2014 - Reported in and [here]. Translated from Spanish. Everyone is free to believe what you want, and Melba Chacon, 63, firmly believes that God chose, for reasons that have not managed to decipher, to manifest in your home, a place "blessed" by Christian events that have occurred with the passing of the years, as the weeping tears of blood image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the frost that comes from the shape of the Mystic Rose, dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

The home of Melba, named Sacred Heart of Jesus, is located at the 171 Avenue 12 The Popular sector Domitilla Parish Flores, San Francisco municipality, Zulia state in western Venezuela. That has long ceased to be a private home to open its doors to all those who seek to express two images that they are "miraculous".


The origin


From age 11, when a priest spoke to Melba on the Sacred Heart of Jesus during catechism classes received in Boca del Catatumbo, her native village located in the town water Catatumbo, is devoted to the symbol-according to Catholic church represents the physical heart of Jesus of Nazareth. That religious, she said, gave her the first image of the Sacred Heart, which was carried to her house and when she returned on Sunday attended catechesis. "One day the teacher moved, and again asked if he would also give us catechism, and said no because it was not a priest. Then he told me to stay with the picture because he would not give that class and did not need it there, "she recalled.

After a sister Melba died, his parents decided to move to Haticos sector in Maracaibo and then to San Francisco. She always carried the image with it until relatives unwittingly stumbled on it and left the box. A friend asked him bounced broken image, but did not dare Melba recalled. That same friend, in the time when they entered adolescence, Melba gave a new image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which had belonged to his grandmother and was kept in a trunk, to throw the old one. He accepted, but not complied with the request. Many years later, when Melba came to San Francisco, the old and tarnished image of the Heart of Christ was rejected by his children, so just stayed with it and was flattered that continues to this day.




In 1978, when Melba went through a difficult period due to illnesses that plagued and be unemployed and eight children, four females and four males, and three orphaned nephews to keep, he asked, in faith, to help that image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, he began to mourn. Melba's family thought she was crazy, and he said the two saw tears spring from the figure were only drops of water that had fallen from somewhere. She let it go. After a while, Elsa, a friend of Melba diagnosed with anorexia, lung cancer and given up by the doctors capital of Zulia and Caracas, came home in San Francisco for the last step in their fight: pray before the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Melba said that lent image Elsa to undertake a novena began on the seventh day improvement. Elsa returned to a query in Caracas, where the doctor, unable to offer a logical explanation, assured him that he was recovering. And so it was.

"She was healed and returned to procreate another daughter. Two months later, he returned me the picture, and when I rode in the car again began to mourn crystal tears, which said a priest of the community apparently themselves were tears, "he said. Then, in 1999, went Melba, five days before the landslide in Vargas that left an unknown number of deaths, the manifest image again, but this time, for the first time, wept blood. Five days after the tragedy, the image cried blood again. "At that point, I said to myself, 'Lord, I have done something bad, let me know of something I have not met you? I felt guilty for not doing something that he wanted to do. He was afraid of not knowing if I failed ... but a cleric asked me peace, because this demonstration could not for these causes "remembró.

After that experience, Melba said, this picture was taken to the Life and Health Laboratory, where bionalista evaluating the sample reported that they were really tears of blood, but he could not disclose the nature due to the small amount that was collected. From there, the picture began to emerge with what Melba and devotees claim that are drops of blood. "In 2002 he began to emanate oil with a divine aroma. Although since August last year he had not sprung until recent days, when he did so thick as honey and a distinct smell, 'he added. Now that oil, which also emanates from the figure of Rosa Mystica which has at home, is wanted by devotees as palliative disease. And the above invocation of the Virgin Mary has another leading place in your home. Alba Gonzalez, 73, a resident of the sector who is a believer of Catholicism, said that in 2002 came with a basket full of images of saints and the figure of the Mystic Rose, who used to put on altars where novenarios executed at Melba's home, her friend. On that occasion, he said, he dropped the basket while he went to get a ladder to an activity when present noted that the effigy, near the Sacred Heart of Jesus, emanated oil.

"It was so sublime that donated the Virgin and the left here (Melba house) so that was really another image," said Alba. The following year, the Mystic Rose began producing glitters and behind the figure, within a niche, it drew its outline alone with the same frost, which is still there, as if frozen. Since then, the representations of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Mystic Rose issued tears of blood and frost, respectively, on several occasions as when the tickets in the West Caribbean Perija (2005) crashed, the trough in Merida (2005), the attack on the Twin Towers (2001) and most recently in February, detailed Melba.




Apart from these events, other irregular events have occurred in the house, exposed Melba to teach what she, her family and devoted neighbors say are sacred signs. In his room, he showed how a cross and the face of Jesus with tears appeared on the wall drawn with oil on 17 March this year. Melba said they tried to remove images with a wet cloth, but only rinsed. In the recent Lent, she added, appeared on her left arm as she thinks is a stigma. "From overnight was marked on my arm and the face of Christ, gradually disappeared after Easter. In another Lent footprints counted 16 lashes on my back "she said.




With the help of family and friends in 2006 in a month Melba built a chapel and an altar where once stood the home laundry, so that the two images were venerated by the faithful. Today, the chapel has 10 wooden benches, a huge poster of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the room around the tables describing the 14 Stations of the Cross. At the altar of a ceramic Jesus, images of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Sacred Heart of Jesus, to which Jesus is crucified, the Holy Trinity and the Mystic Rose observed. Against the latter is a pedestal with the Bible open on the pages of the Psalms.

Above the altar, on the wall, two white doves flying towards the right were designed on the sides of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. All objects in the room have come from donations from people healed through the "miracles" of the two images, he said Melba. In this peaceful resort, sacred to many, two neighbors came to testify to the story told Melba, who said his prayers to the Heart of Jesus and the Mystic Rose 'saved' two upcoming surgeries that should be practiced by problems in the tunnel carpal and its parent. "In both situations I smeared oil emanating from the images, prayed with faith and healed me," he said.

Antonia Padron, 60, said: "I always read in the newspapers about an image that wept, but did not believe it until it happened to me. I saw the tears of blood flowed from the eyes of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. "In 2010, one of my granddaughters, aged 8, was very sick because she was hypoglycemic and was close to being diabetic, but He healed me. After that miraculous three drops of oil were taken over several days, cured, and is now in good health. To me it has given me everything I've asked: improve my health and that of my children and family well-being. " Ivon Prieto, 40, another resident of the area, said: "The miracle that I made ​​the Sacred Heart of Jesus was in my marriage. I used to have many problems with my partner, I decided to ask for help from the picture, and I granted it. Now we are in harmony and we got the house I also asked when blood began to mourn. I do not how to thank you for the positive change that gave me life. "




The theologian, philosopher and rector of the Major Seminary St. Thomas Aquinas, priest Miguel Ospina, said to confirm that such statements are true the archdiocese must develop a thorough investigation into these phenomena apparently supernatural. And for that discernment running the competent ecclesiastical authorities is required. However, he said Ospina: "The phenomenon may be possible for two reasons: because God allowed to happen to demonstrate an actual grace, a sign to encourage the faith of some people who tend to be incredulous, or, as a signal to someone is very devoted and full of faith. "

The theologian said that can happen "supernatural phenomena without knowing its origin," and the fact that they are extraordinary "does not mean they are from God, because they may also arise from other sources." On demonstrations of images, referred "the meaning itself can not know, but tears of blood occur for two reasons: joy or sorrow; oil has a healing effect and frost represents something different depending on the color. "

Information found on the Internet Catholic precise meanings of each color emanating glitters Rosa Mystica: silver or gold (thanks), red (healing or sacrifice), orange (Holy Eucharist), blue (presence of the Virgin), purple ( penance) and green (healing and hope). Ospina stressed: "These phenomena (such as Melba) not refuse, but does not approve, because this requires you to confirm the voice of the Church after a thorough investigation." But, as mentioned earlier in this story, everyone is free to believe what you want, and Melba, inside, believe in its truth: "With time I have learned that I have to ask God why I chose myself. He decides who is going to and how it will manifest. It is difficult to decipher these mysteries, so all I do is give thanks and say that He gave me life and whenever I can take it. He knows very well that what happens here is real. "