Statue in Pennsylvania is exhibiting the alleged phenomenon of escarchas



[Update] - January 16, 2018. Titled 'Oldest Church in Pennsylvania becomes Church of Miracles '.


December 21, 2017 - Reported in blog post titled Miracle Touches at [Spirit]. Visit [link] to read full write up. It was confirmed to us by the parish that a statue in Pennsylvania is exhibiting the alleged phenomenon of “escarchas,” a glittery substance that materializes in what are said to be inexplicable ways. Associated with it — also, allegedly — have been healings.

We always urge caution (prayer and fasting) before becoming involved in any such circumstance, though we also urge openness. The manifestations are with a statue, Mary Mother of Eucharistic Grace, at St. Thomas the Apostle Church in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania. For our discernment. The statue was given to the pastor, Father Francis Groarke, by a reputed mystic named Carmelo Cortez during a visit to the church. “A customer called to tell me that this statue in this church has escarchas all over it and there are healings occurring in the Church,” noted viewer Caroline Jameison who brought it to our notice. (Statue is pictured above.) That’s one little touch, perhaps, from Heaven.