Ohio native shares story of near-death experience

In interview mentions seeing the scene of being loaded in the ambulance from above. Seeing a white figure that seemed to be bigger than the others. Also given a cup of "life".


Dale Chormanski was on his way home from a Bruce Springsteen concert when he went into cardiac arrest. For a period, he was clinically dead, until his daughter helped saved him.


February 23, 2019 - (Following transcribed from video). Watch full interview [here]. Reported [here]. - Medina Ohio. Medina native shares story of near-death experience with Jim Donovan.This is indeed a gripping tale of a brush with death and then some quick thinking heroism along the side of i-71 that you've probably never heard before. But you will tonight this incredible story is being told publicly in a new book entitled when you died.

So joining us tonight are the author Dale Shermanski and his daughter Erin the hero of the story will you both heroes.

It's really good to have you here. I mean really good to have you after what happened. You're at a Springsteen concert right? Right you're on your way home to Medina. You're on i-71 near Metro Health, thank God for that. And what happened, well I asked my daughter to turn the radio down. Because I thought it was too loud. Then I just died.

Now you died yeah and you are in the medical profession. Yes so tell us what you're seeing. Well I just looked over. So I immediately pulled over. I don't even remember that part honestly. But I felt for a pulse he had no pulse. Oh first I thought maybe it was a seizure. My brain told me oh my gosh I have to do CPR.

And how long did it take for you to get and you did get a heartbeat then? Right you got a pulse? I checked it after a few minutes. I checked that it still wasn't there and kept going. I had to pull him out of the car get him on the side of the road.This was after midnight.

Okay clinically you were dead. Yes. Do you remember anything about that stage you were in?

I do.

Well I saw a group of people putting me into an ambulance from up above. From up above? Yes, and one they were all dressed you know drably. But there was one in the middle. There was all in white and seemed to be a bigger figure than the others.

At that time as well someone handed me a cup. I like to have a cup of coffee in the morning. You see the cup on the front of the book. I went to take it, as soon as I reached out for it, the word "life" lite up on it. And I thought to myself I better take this if I want to live.

Isn't it amazing that your in the medical profession and you deal with something everyday on the job. But you on your way home from a concert and you saved your Dad's life. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that would happen.

Were you able to be as cool as possible under thoses circumstances? Luckly I'm a pretty calm nurse. Your cooler than I am. This story is really something. Yes I was able to keep a level head and do what I needed to do. Thank God I was there.

Dale your message to is there is a big difference between a heart attack and cardic arrest. I had a cardic arrest. A hear attack you will get a warning. A pain in the shoulder the arm, jaw. You then go to the doctor the tey might do bypass surgery. Whatever they need to do to clear this up. However a cardic arrest is instantaneous stoppage of the heart. You might be normally talking and one second later be instantaneously dead.

Are you living your life a different way now? After that death vision you had? I think I am. I am trying to. My daughter mentioned to me a few times that she brought me back for a reason. He is so much happier and much more pleasant to be around. He is always thankful and greatful for everything.


Dale Chormanski's [book] regarding his experience.