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Miraculous Stories

(The Boy who saw The Virgin)

October. 29, 1945 at age 9 Joseph Vitolo witnessed the Virgin Mary hovering over a spot where a shrine is now. The story is know as the Bronx Miracle.

James Wilburn Chauncey - (talks about his near-death experience at age 7). Seeing Angels, heaven and looking at The Face of Jesus. James describes one of the angels Her skin was glowing with a hue that can only be described as a burnt golden color. Her hair was black as coal. Her voice was soothing and musical. She told me to not be afraid. When I asked her who she was, she said her name was Mary.

  • Brush with death prompts Volusia man to share heavenly experience. - I've never experienced something as real as my time walking the streets of heaven. It was so vivid, so bold, so full of life - peaceful, tranquil, perfect.

  • Minnesota girl crushed by tire wakes from coma decribes Heaven - “She said, ‘Mommy, I floated up out of my body and I saw dad holding me. He pulled the tire off me,’” Kordiak recalled. “She said she saw hundreds of light beams of prayers from everybody around the world praying for her to live. She was happy in heaven.”

  • Crash survivor Kyla Roberts says she saw Jesus - I just remember I saw Jesus, and I was sitting on his lap, and he is very big,” Kyla said. He told me that he loves me and he's ready for me to come home, but not quite yet, and then I woke up here. ”She also told News 9 Jesus has a message for everyone. “That he’s real. God is real, and Heaven is real.”

  • 3 year old says she saw Jesus after nearly drowning in pool - She said she drowned. She saw a bright light and a man walking to her with long hair. My sister showed her a picture on her phone and asked who it was ... it was a pic of Jesus. Ella said that was the man that saved her and she's never heard a bright light story before.

  • Effort began following near death experience and vision - The day after I got out of the hospital from a near death experience, I had a vision that I was to start a restoration facility for victims of human trafficking. “I was in my hot tub. Sentences started downloading in my head and it was a trip,” Brown stated. “’You will facilitate the opening of a safe house for victims of human trafficking in Contra Costa County’ were the first, exact words. The sentences continued. ‘Many people will come to help you’ and then ‘Many people will come to know Me through this’.

  • Living with death a brush with the afterlife - In 2006 Norman died of a heart attack while doing landscaping work. He flatlined and had no heartbeat for an incredible 15 minutes. During that time he remembers floating up into the air and meeting a man eight or nine feet tall who guided him. All the while he felt at peace and wasn't scared.

  • Heaven and Back, man says he ‘started walking toward the light- Brian Miller first suffered a massive heart attack. The ICU team feverishly worked on him, but he remained basically dead for nearly 45 minutes. I started seeing a light and started walking towards the light. She was the most beautiful thing when I seen her. It was like the first day I met her. And looked so happy.'She grabbed a hold of my arm and she told me, ‘It’s not your time, you don’t need to be here … you’ve got things to go down and do.'

  • During heart attack Wisconsin man talks to deceased Father and Jesus who gives him a message for all people - during his near-death experience..."that they are truly loved, and that there is a man named Jesus. And assure them all that there is a special place for them. Living on earth is just temporary and heaven is everlasting.

  • Woman who was cured of a brain aneurysm in miracle - that secured Pope John II a sainthood tells how she heard a voice whisper be not afraid moments before' Pope John Paul II has finally approved for Sainthood thanks to a Costa Rican woman who claims the late Pope cured her brain aneurysm.

  • Houston cyclist recounts near-death experience - Scott was resuscitated several times by paramedics. During that crisis he talks about his near-death experience, “My dad joined me at the playground, and we sat and talked about my daughter, ”.

  • Giving Birth, Woman Experiences Death - 6 months into Nancy's pregnancy complications arose. Nancy remembers leaving her body during surgery, being surrounded with wonderful light and being with a group of people thinking about joining them or going back.

  • San Antonio woman saw parents in near-death experience - Linda Fair believes she knows what happens after you die. "I died and it was amazing. I got to see my mom, my dad (who had died) and my husband's dad that had been dead for like 35 years!".

  • A Doctor's Near Death Experience Inspires a New Life - As the minutes ticked by in the ER., Dr. Magrisso says he was in a place with no time.  He remembers three illuminated figures he later identified as his father, a close friend and a young man, a sort of welcoming crew.  All three had died less than four years earlier.

  • A miracle - So close to death, Hugh Suggs battles back - he remembers being in the medical helicopter and having what he described as an out-of-body experience, his detached soul looking down at his mangled body. He says when a voice asked him if he wanted to live, he answered yes.

  • Lightning strike survivor feels lucky to be alive. "Your life really does flash before your eyes - "I saw everything I did in my life - good and bad. It might have been only 30 seconds, but flashbulb images of his life ran through his mind - his wedding day, the births of his children and even mischievous antics from his youth.

  • Las Crucen experiences miracle recovery - Joseph Gaytan IV counts himself blessed to be back among the living. While riding his bike early one morning was struck by a car. Upon emerging from the coma, reported having visited both hell and heaven. He was given a message from God, telling him to turn his life around and beginning helping people.

  • Red Sox right fielder Josh Reddick's father, Kenny Reddick's near-death experience - I actually knew what was going on,he said. I looked up to the blue skies and said, 'What if this is it?' Kenny died for approximately two minutes. He said he saw the white light three times and had out-of-body experiences, watching on as CPR was performed on him.

  • Life after life? This Wyoming surgeon says she believes - Her "accident" included death by drowning, an all-too-brief visit with spiritual beings in the life after death, and a remarkable resuscitation after 14 minutes under water. Although she could not identify these souls by name, she felt that she knew them well, "and knew that I had known them for an eternity."

  • Dover man grateful for paramedics - while he was under Bollacker had a near-death experience.. remembers being in a dark hallway, on the left was a doorway, and a bright light was coming out from underneath the door. As he reached for the doorknob and was turning it, he heard a voice on the other side, as clear as a bell, say Pop, it is not your time yet.

  • Phenomena still said to occur in house of woman who endured wounds of Jesus - Caretaker for house of stigmatic says scent of roses and healings still occur.

  • Schererville man believes slain daughter brought him back to life - Fred Hieber's daughter died from a gunshot wound in July. Fred suffered a heart attack while en route to the Illinois hospital where she had been admitted. He said he saw a vision of her while he was dying, and she told him to go back. He said he knew his daughter was dead before his wife told him days later. Fred recalls a sensation of walking down a dark tunnel and having a bright light move toward him. It was his daughter, Holly, who brought him back to life.

  • Pennsylvania, commissioner James Scahill's Near Death Experience - Jim survived a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) Sept. 21, 1999 and he was pronounced clinically and biologically dead for over 14 minutes. It took Jim a year before he felt comfortable talking about the out of body experience he had during his cardiac arrest. He found himself sitting on the edge of the Administration Building looking down on his body lying in the parking lot with many people around. After watching the resuscitation attempts, he heard a voice behind him say, "It's time for you to go down there." He felt two small hands push him off the building from where he re-entered his body.

  • Albert Lea Police Chief Given Life Saving Award - I suddenly didn't feel any pain, I remember seeing them clearly, but later I found out, I was unconscious.

  • Chris Palmer farm accident survivor talks about his near-death experience - He was amazed to find that he experienced something like the stories he'd heard about the light at the end of the tunnel at the moment of death.

  • Jane Seymour Recalls Near-Death Experience - I literally left my body. I had this feeling that I could see myself on the bed, with people grouped around me. I remember them all trying to resuscitate me. I was above them, in the corner of the room looking down. I saw people putting needles in me, trying to hold me down, doing things. I remember my whole life flashing before my eyes, but I was not thinking about winning Emmys or anything like that. The only thing I cared about was that I wanted to live because I did not want anyone else looking after my children.

  • Miranda Kerr: 'I thought I'd die during childbirth' - I actually thought I was going to die at one point and left my body,’ she revealed of baby Flynn’s difficult birth. 'I was looking down on myself - the pain was so intense.

  • During a stroke Fran Samson remembered - being in a wonderful bright place and feeling so warm and just perfectly happy.

  • Denver woman Pamela Esquibel sees the light, a near death experience opens her to new possibilities - That's when Esquibel saw the light. It was bright and white, enormous and embracing. "I remember feeling so small compared to this huge magnificent light," she said. "It was the best feeling, warm and cozy, like having someone hug you. It was such a contrast to the normal pain of living.

  • Born fighter: Dan McInnis recounts near-death experience - Former Richmond County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Dan McInnis, after years of fighting for his life against a series of medical mishaps and chronic conditions, said his most recent trip to the hospital gave him a glimpse of the afterlife.

  • Jenny Hinojos of Zullinger survives 3-pound brain tumor - I flatlined for eight minutes and had a total near-death experience. I told them what time they pronounced me dead, what music they were listening to, what they talked about and what kind of shoes my one surgeon was wearing. They confirmed all of that later.

  • Bay Area Woman Brought Back to Life - A Morgan Hill mother is recounting her experience after doctors say she died. During the time she was technically “dead,” she saw her late father, “Seeing my dad, and him saying, ‘It's okay Peanut, you're gonna be okay’” was “probably the most positive thing that I saw.”

  • In article community warrior mentions dying and being comforted by family that had passed away - She could barely breathe and felt like her life was slipping away and I flatlined,'' she said. In that moment, she heard three voices from deceased family members.

  • Darren Mooney talks about a horrific wreck and a visit by Angels - I would be the last person who you would think would see something like that. But I was there, I was awake, and it was real as me talking to you. The experience immediately changed Mooneyham — his attitude, his personality, his ambition. The message he takes is one of protection. So many times were not in control, he said.It is like were here, fighting for you. The message was, do not let your puny mind think we are not.

  • While in coma Carissa sees deceased cousin - Carissa's only memory of that time is something she refers to as an extraordinary dreamlike experience. She said she remembers a big ornate gate and seeing a recently deceased cousin. That cousin, Carissa said, told her, "You can stay here with me or you can go back." But, she recounted, he told her if she goes back she'll end up blind.

  • Ellis woman enjoying life after medical 'miracle'- remembers NDE during coma..."In my coma, I remember seeing a white light all the time. My dad was trying to get me to stay. He's in heaven..."

  • Dr. Lloyd Rudy, a pioneer of cardiac surgery - tells stories of two patients who came back to life after being declared dead, and what they told him.

  • The Dr. OZ Show - Near Death Experiences: Are they real? - Laurelynn went for her surgery and her doctor punctured her abdominal aorta, she lost a massive amount of blood and was clinically dead. She said next she was up off the ceiling and looked down and saw her body. She saw a light on the horizon and what she wanted to do the most was go into the light it was a place of unconditional love. Before she got the light her deceased brother in law intercepted her from getting to the light. He took her on a journey and they talked and he told her she had to go back there was a mistake you have to go back to live your lifes purpose.

  • Missionary Priest in Canada Claims to Suffer Christ's Full Passion and to Have Visions - "I feel in my body as though I am right there with Jesus, experiencing everything He's experiencing. Every Holy Week I experience the same thing. At times I scream from the pain. There is nobody physically beating me but I feel as if I am going through the whole scourging.

  • Bob Woodruff describes recovery - remembers after being caught in a bomb explosion, floating in the air and looking down on his injured body.

  • Near-death experiences can occur at any age and have lasting effects. - I was 10 years old and was hit by a car when I had mine. Suzanne Wool remembers seeing white light through what seemed like a cone, which seemed to be pulling her. In her physically broken state, she interpreted her accompanying visions of angels and family to mean that God wanted her to let people know they should not fear death.

  • After cheating death three times, Ben Breedlove, 18, lost his life on Christmas night - after suffering from a heart attack. But not before he recorded videos of his near-death experiences, capturing the hearts of viewers around the world as he described the peace he felt during his NDE's. 'I saw a bright light and couldn't take my eyes off it, I couldn't help but smile. I had no worries at all, like nothing else in the world mattered.'

  • Near-death experience gave woman lasting peace - “They knew I was in big trouble,” she said. “The whole time this was happening, I felt like I was suspended and floating in the corner of the room. And I remember thinking: ‘I want to let them know I’m OK – what are you so worried about?’” Bennett said she could see herself, from above, as the chaotic scene played out below on the bed of her parents’ Durham home.

  • Two Georgians who believe they've died, and yet lived. - Kathleen Hall and Tommy Thomason both believe they've had a brush with death. For Kathleen after being hit by a car remembers an immediate sense of autonomy and wholeness and completeness -- love. Tommy said his near-death experience led him to see and communicate with his late grandfather. And then this figure looked up and it was my grandfather. His Papa Jim had been dead for four years. And he looked up and smiled at me.

  • Ron Polk talks about his near-death experience - he remembers being detached from his body — at the corner of the surgical table. Next thing I know, Polk says, I was in the most beautiful place I had ever seen. It was all light. And music. Music coming from everything, even coming out of me. And — you can not even imagine, it is so hard to explain — it was such peace. His wife was there. His father, too. And I just wanted to go to them, but I could not Polk says. Instead, he was pushed forward into an ever more brilliant light.

  • Vision inspires church garden - during a 3 day coma Scott Steele has a vision of a garden that was indescribable, unlike anything I had ever seen on earth.