Doctors say Crucifix in their home exudes oil, salt


Photo of the Crucifix that not only “profusely dripped oil, but gold (glitter) appeared in addition to the oil and salt on October 29, 2014, at Saint Alexander Church."


May 5, 2019 - Reported []. Two doctors in the Chicago area attest to inexplicable exudations from a Crucifix in their home in a Chicago suburb.

The doctors — a married couple, Dr. Diosdado and Amada Lim, in Palos Heights — say it all began on August 19, 2008, when a reputed mystic from the Philippines named Carmelo Cortez was at their home for a celebration of the Mass with several priests, including the late, well-known healing one, Father Peter Rookey.

The Crucifix is a replica, one of fifty made by another priest from a mold of a centuries-old one in Mexico. Before encountering the antique, the priest had seen the Crucifix in a dream, says Amada.

But the phenomena are mainly connected to Cortez, who is known around the world for such alleged wonders.

“The Cross was there and Carmelo stood up after Mass and touched it and the oil started oozing from the chest of Jesus and the room filled with the aroma of roses,” Amada told Spirit Daily.

The doctors are themselves from the Philippines, relocating in the U.S. in 1967. Retired now (at 88 and 86 respectively), Diosdado was an allergist and Amada a radiologist.

Cortez left their home after a stay of just several hours, but the emanation continued in remnant amounts.

On November 11 of that same year they brought the Crucifix to their local parish church, Saint Alexander in Palos Heights, where Cortez was again appearing, and there was “a profuse oozing of oil,” which continues to this day — negating the notion of trickery on the part of Cortez, about whom we have previously written and who is known for causing holy pictures to materialize on rose petals [see previous article].

We present it all for discernment.

After Mass during healing services it has been known to drip with special scaturience.

Meanwhile, in July of 2012, a second phenomenon materialized: salt on the head of the Crucifix, once more after Mass. On October 29, 2014, at Saint Alexander Church, they say the Crucifix not only “profusely dripped oil, but gold glitter appeared in addition to the oil and salt.”

As for healing effects, the doctors maintain that two years ago a priest who visited the Crucifix and was given a vial of the oil took it back to Canada and in turn handed it to a man who was suffering from a severe case of psoriasis that defied medical attempts at a cure.

“This man told the priest he wasn’t going to come to Mass any more because psoriasis had spread to his face and he didn’t want people to see him, so the priest blessed him with the oil and prayed over him and gave the vial of oil, telling him to apply it to himself and pray a prayer every day,” says Diosdado.

Six days later the man came back appeared to be very happy and jolly and when father asked him why he was so happy, he said ‘You know father, I had the psoriasis for thirty years and doctors couldn’t cure it, but six days after applying this oil my psoriasis cleared up completely. This is one healing attested to by a priest.”

They say priests have visited from a number of countries. as well as small groups from as far away as Austin and Toronto.

“Father Peter Glas, an exorcist in the U.K. came, and he said ‘this is an unbelievable miracle,'” says Diosdado. “He said he had not seen anything like it around the world.”

The two doctors have opened there home for those who wish to pray before the Crucifix. As always we advise prayer before attending mystical circumstances. Easy to discern: the kindness of the Lims.