Silver Frost "escarchas" is graced to a family who had a statue of the Virgin María Rosa Mística visit their home



November 24, 2016 - Reported [here]. Rough translation from Spanish. Frost of Love. - Although in Mexico "Thanksgiving" is not celebrated, personally I love this date because I think it is very nice to be grateful, above all grateful to God for all the blessings received during the year and our life.

Today I especially remember with joy that five years ago we had a wonderful love experience of our mother Mary. My family and I have always felt totally welcomed by so much love from her and we are sure of her presence in our home, and I have nothing but words of thanks for all this.

On Tuesday, November 22, 2011, the image of the Virgin María Rosa Mística came to my house; The commitment we have is to pray every day a special rosary where the pains and joys of our Mother Mary are venerated. She, knowing the human frailty and based on physical evidence, sprinkles on your house or family frost of different colors, depending on the color is the grace it gives you.

It seems a bit magical, but it is not, it is rather a gift that the Virgin gives us as a proof of her love for us, a physical proof that She is among us and listens to us, cares for us and loves us. In history we have seen how Mary leaves traces of his presence (roses, images, smells etc), and not because she needs it, it is rather a human folly to have evidence of what our humanity does not understand, and therefore This is not different from those, through them she shouts: SON MY, IS NOT I HERE THAT I AM YOUR MOTHER, just wants us to know that always will always be by our side.

Well, that day we prayed the rosary only my son Andy, who was 5 years old at the time, and me. My child was very excited and wanted to touch the Virgin's face but since he is in an acrylic box he could not, he just looked at her tenderly. We finished praying and Andy went to the TV room with his brothers. After a while I went up and what was my surprise that the TV room, the hall and the room of my children were full of silver frost.

First I investigated: Children, who threw this frost? ... The three of them replied that they did not know, that they did not bring anything. And yes, there was no sign that something had caused it, however, there was frost.

I felt excited, grateful and flooded in love and happiness. ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡That Beautiful Mary who gave us a sample more of his love!

What I want to say to you is that you do not need to pray a special prayer to our mother Mary, talk to her as you would speak to her own mother, to a friend, to a sister, She will always be on your side. Remember that there is nothing a son does not give his mother (And that's the way Jesus is, as he did at the wedding in Cana). Let's take advantage of this beautiful relationship to find the way back home and enjoy the joys of eternal life.

Here is the explanation of the frosts of María Rosa Mística, as she explains it to Pierina (seer).

"In these times when men feel satisfied and far from what guides and maintains them, which is my Son the Lord, I want to express in the most humble way, the messages I want to give them and to express to them the meaning of frosts. It is my heart that announces to you the protection I exercise over the children of light, those who have been bought by the Blood of my Son. Therefore, prayer, sacrifice, reconciliation and penance are the weapons with which they will fight in the great battles against Satan.

I want to announce the meaning of the colors of my frosts:

The silver ones: in them I show you the magnanimity of my heart. Ask me whatever you want.

The golds: in them I announce that I lean towards the weak one; I'm going to heal something spiritual, physical, psychological or moral.

The blues: in them I want to announce my closeness. I'm with you, I'm present.

The green ones: they are a song for you to open up to hope. I will act in God's favor. Wait on God.

The red ones: in times of trial, offer me a sacrifice; remember I love you.

The transparent: the path of humility is the path that leads to liberation. Be humble and simple. In these attitudes my heart expresses itself.

The aquamarines or iridescent: it is the way; However tortuous it may be, I want to announce that I will be with you on that road.

To my children who have been graced with my gifts, sprouting from the love that my Son has for them and which are the most loving manifestation of the Father, who loves and shelters all of us in his womb, I impart my blessing in the name of the Father, of the Son And of the holy spirit. Amen.

(The photo is evidence of the frosts found that day in the house)