Canfield man says miracle helped him beat COVID-19

(In article talks about as his life hung in the balance, seeing, talking with God as he was being held in his arms)

(Also talks about that in the hospital he had a vision at 3 a.m. a well dressed man asked him if he wanted to get out really quick. That he would have to do somethings for him. That if he stops praying and talking about how good God is in his life he would get him out right away. Then he knew who it was and rejected him)


July 23, 2020 - Reported [here]. Must watch video to hear full story.

Jeff Fusco says all of his organs failed, they couldn't replace his blood fast enough and at one point doctors said he had less than two hours to live.

Diagnosed with Covid-19 in March, Jeff Fusco says conditions worsened so bad, that his parents were told he had less than two hours left and to prepare for the worst.

"You hear the stories of Covid and think that it is like the flu but it really shredded my small intestines," said Fusco. "I continued to lose blood, all my organs had stopped at one time, they coded me. They couldn't replace my blood fast enough, so I was bleeding out, bleeding to death actually."

During the course of his fight, Fusco received 60 pints of blood. He basically lost all of his blood three and a half times.

Fusco says it was an honest miracle that he was able to make it out alive.

"My parents appeared to me and said it was ok if I want to go," Fusco said. "Then my wife did the same thing. If you can keep fighting, please keep fighting but it's ok if you want to go. I kept saying go where, where do you want me to go. My dad said, maybe you need to talk to him and at that moment I was in God's arms. He asked me what do you want to do. I have a place for you, or you can stay here, you've done good work for me in both places, you will do good work for me and I said if it's ok, I'll stay and he said you can stay, it was that simple."

Fusco outlasted those two hours, slowly started to recover and after nearly two months in three different hospitals and a rehab center, was finally able to go home.

"I think the combination of the healthcare I received, the blood that I got and the prayers which were extremely important, all the support and the miracle that took place gave me this chance to be here today," Fusco said.

Yet five months later, Fusco is still dealing with a variety of health issues.

"I was only a whisper in the hospital, I couldn't talk," he said. "I couldn't use my hands in the beginning, I lost most of my motor skills for a few days. I prayed over most nights for those to come back and they did. I have a dropped foot, my left foot doesn't work and I'm numb about a third of the way down below my knee to my foot on my left side."

Fusco also says he came home with what is known as a Covid ulcer.

"Part of what I mentioned before, my lower intestines were shredded and it also broke out of my outside as a visible ulcer on my behind and this is actually the first week that I have been able to sit, so I have been laying on my side since March," he said.

Fusco is currently going to rehab with Dr. Esarco three times a week for electrical stimulation, dry needling and light therapy.

"I can't wait for us to get a vaccine and I hope it's soon. I do wish more people would honestly believe that this is not as cut and dry or black and white as what it may seem as either you get it or you don't, you live or you die. It's a lot more complex than that."

Fusco is sharing his story to try and help people realized just how dangerous this virus is and the complications that can follow for quite a long time.

"Some people can't raise their arms above their head, they can't open bottles still to this day, three people I know have dropped foot," said Fusco. "Some have leg pain beyond belief, one person had to have a heart procedure, some are on oxygen still, continuously, they will always be on oxygen the way it looks. Lungs are scarred and damaged so I've learned so much about this virus by having it that I do think it's important that people learn from people like me about what could happen. Not to live in fear, wear your masks, wash your hands, things that they are saying for real do make a difference, it really does. I feel like I need to help as many people as I can."

If you have a question for Jeff or need resources for help, he says email him at Also - check out our web extra where Jeff talks more about his near death experience.