Sister Anna Ali's photograph of Jesus



Jesus permitted Sister Anna to take His photograph on various occasions of His appearance, and in subsequent revelations gave reasons for making Himself visible now in our time.

"Listen to me. I am above this earth. I allow myself to be seen after many warnings"

"I make myself visible in order to bring back souls."

"I love mankind and I make myself visible in order to give my warnings of mercy"

"Many do not listen to me because they do not believe in my reality"

At the residence of Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo in early August 1987 Jesus appeared to a Kenyan woman (Anna Ali), now a professed sister of the Pious Union of Daughters of Jesus, the Good Shepherd, a Union founded by Archbishop Milingo whose Ministry of Healing has brought manifold blessings to the great Italian people and to Christian Europe at large.

Jesus has continued to appear to Sister Anna Ali since His initial appearance in August 1987.During His appearances, He shares with Sr. Anna His anguish today, and requests prayers and atonement for the sins of His beloved priests and those consecrated to Him. On the feast of Corpus Christi, 1988, He came to Sr. Anna Ali in tears of blood. According to Sr. Anna, Jesus "came with His own light. He was enveloped in light, which was of the same hue of the sky when it is deeply blue. His presence illuminated the whole room. He wore a red tunic (the color of blood), with wide sleeves. He has shining dark hair. He gave me a message and on His instruction I started writing down the messages...The first message was written on 8 September, 1987"

On April 4, 1991, in Sister Anna's convent in Zagarolo (Rome), Jesus dictated the following prayer to the young visionary:

Oh Jesus, most humble, adorable, present in the Blessed Sacrament of your Divine Love. Here on your concealed Sacred throne, I prostrate my soul and whole self before you. Out of my nothingness and sins, I implore you to accept my poor prayers, acts of reparation and adoration to quench your thirst for souls and obtain full pardon for the many profanations, ungratefulness and outrages which you receive each and every moment from the countless number of us miserable sinners. It was your everlasting Mercy towards mankind that moved you so deeply to the point of veiling yourself to remain in love on our altars and Tabernacles all over the earth.

Oh Jesus, by your Soul, Body and Divinity, present in the most Holy Eucharist, accept the tears of my soul that these very precious souls to you (mention here the names of those you wish to pray for) may not lose their Eternity forever. The everlasting ages belong to You. So we entrust our total selves in Your loving care and gaze, now in life and death. Amen.