Miraculous Images


A luminous silhouette -- an angel? -- allegedly appeared in a photograph during an Orthodox Mass at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem (Christ's tomb) during an American pilgrimage on October 24, 1993. There are no statues in this part of the church, and according to one pilgrim who sent us this picture (and who we know well as a credible person), no one was standing in the vicinity. - Spirit Daily online newspaper.

Jug of water blessed by Our Lord for the sick at Rhoda Wise (Wife, Mother, Mystic, Stigmatic, Catholic convert) home. Also a Host that miraculously appeared and floated down to the bottom is still there for over 47 years. View updates on this story.

Image of Virgin shows up in photo taken at the The Holy Family House of Prayer, Rockingham Footprints left by Our Lady at The Holy Family House of Prayer, Rockingham Australia
Mary covered in snow carries a child on her back at a cancer center Photo of Miraculous Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe illuminating phosphorus green
Jesus on the Cross appears in expecting Mom's ultrasound image Miraculous photograph taken at Eucharistic Adoration Chapel Glenview, Illinois
Oklahoma student finds unmistakable symbol dangling in sky after tornado strikes Miraculous photos taken the night Our Lady left sign at Rockingham shrine
Miraculous Photograph Image of Jesus Christ Cross appears in window, Louisiana
A rose by another name... Miraculous rose petals grace Carmelo Cortez Ewing, New Jersey car wash attendant says he saw Image of the Virgin Mary cradling baby Jesus
Teresa Musco Statue of The Immaculate Conception eyes come to life during miraculous weeping Mother Mary Image appears in photo behind child battling leukemia
Mysterious fireworks Crucifix Sun at Padre Pio's miracle shrine Buena, New Jersey
Our Lady appears on window Sime Darby Medical Centre, Maylaysia An extraordinary Eucharistic miracle happened to visionary Marisa Rossi, Rome
The crucifix made according to instructions given by the Holy Archangel Raphael during the fifth appearance to Wim Holtschlag Actual picture of St. Gemma’s autobiography that was burned by the Devil
Our Most Holy Mother's mantle turns blue in miraculous photo taken of her white statue The Miraculous Volto Santo or "Holy Face" crucifix
Video camera captures the crucified Christ above Russia Sister Anna Ali's photograph of Jesus
Image of Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus on a Boston hospital window Our Lady appears in Miraculous photo
Metal of St. Pio and blood show up above Our Lady's heart in photo Cloud picture taken by a nun shows Image of The Blessed Mother
Image of the Blessed Mother on financial building in Florida The incorrupt body of St. Bernadette Soubirous
Crosses of Light in California Tabernacle in convent of Fatima seer
Crucifix apparition was filmed on a cell phone camera, Mtskheta, Russia Statue of Mother Mary that spoke to Renato Baron
Apparition of Saint Charbel to Raymond Nader leaves a trace of five fingers imprinted on his arm Archangels candle sparkles in photo taken of Our Lady of Good Success on her Feast Day
St. Gemma's Miraculous Angel Letter Box Veronica's Veil
Stunning Crucifix that came alive to St. Gemma Miraculous Infant Jesus of Prague
Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of Fatima looks up and changes expression in miraculous photo Mary shows herself in gleaming sun Yopougon Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Africa
Holy Shroud of Turin A childs faith
Extraordinary photograph, a Eucharistic miracle Sacred Host and a Chalice appear in visionaries photos
Virgin Mary shows up on film Betania, Venezuela Children of Garabandal
Just angle change or did statue shift? The Miraculous Crucifix of Our Lord of the Poison
Photo of the sun at shrine, Betania, Venezuela St. Teresa of Avila's Crucifix
Miraculous Rose of Mystica statue cried tears of oil, received kisses from Heaven, gold dust. Also statues white rose turned half pink Infant Jesus appears on rose petal from visionary Carmello who has gift of rose petals, Philippines
Miraculous Crucifix detached it's arm and comforted St. Camillus de Lellis Picture taken of regular Crucifix reveals Image of a suffering Christ
Blessed Mother bows head in Miraculous photos Eucharistic Miracle happened during Mass
Three doves appear with visionary on Trinity Sunday, Lourdes Grotto in San Antonio, TX Painting of Christ in New Mexico said to glow and change dimensions
Image of Rosary with Cross appear in Infants Baptism photo Real photographs of Mother Mary's appearances in Egypt
Angel appears in photo of Cross, Kerrville, TX Son sees Jesus on tree on Anniversary of Father's death
Image of woman praying appeared in old photo at Shrine dedicated to beatified Indian Miraculous photos taken at The Holy Family House of Prayer, Rockingham Grotto
Brother Carmelo Villanueva Cortez Miraculous Rose Petals Bible that survived Lady Antebellum tour bus fire
Blessed Virgin Mary Images appear in Canada Miraculous Image at Shrine of Our Lady of Yankalilla
Image of Virgin Mary holding infant Jesus appears on a tree, Ohio Virgin Mary Child Jesus appear on painted wall, Nova Scotia
Eucharistic Miracle Guadalajara, Mexico Strange light formation at apparition site, Venezuela


Miraculous Video

Miraculous Host of Betania in flames
[View on youtube]. The Miraculous Host of Betania in flames, see a pulsating heart bleeding in the center of the Host. It shows absolute proof in living color by way of a video that our Lord truly exists in the Eucharist! Above video used with permission from Daniel Sanford's Miraculous Host [website].