Weeping statues and Icons


Fr. Tom McCarthy holds Chalice that miraculously (to this very day) fills with oil. [Tears of oil], blood, grace of [escarchas], bleeding Hosts at Little Audrey Santo Home Worcester, Massachusetts.





Icon of the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart united as one weeps oil, Australia
Our Blessed Lady of Lourdes cried tears of oil, Rockingham Australia
Virgin Mary cries tears of blood Santa Fe, Salto Grande, Argentina
Prayer card oozing tears of oil, Australia
Child Jesus returns to weep, Boliva
Plaque of Mary and Jesus dripping oil El Cajon, California
Columnist visits sick woman, prays, sees tears in Rosa Mystic's eyes
Divine Mercy exudes oil, crown of thorns bleeds, Malaysia
Myrrh and Blood-Streaming Icons in Zajecar, Serbia
Virgin Mary weeps oil Melbourne, Australia
Rosa Mystica cries tears of blood Mérida, Venezuela
Holy Glitter/Holy Oil dripping on the face of Our Blessed Mother
Bambino of Teresa Musco weeping tears of blood, Italy
Saint Michael weeping Rhodes, Greece
Virgin Mary sheds tears of blood Hryniewicze, Poland
St. Mary MacKillop weeps oil, Mornington Peninsula, Australia
Our Lady cries every day through a glass frame, Monterrey Mexico
Weeping statues and Images, Houston, Texas
 Divine Mercy Image crying at Divine Mercy Shrine, MA
Myrrh seeping Icons Taylor, PA
Manifestations of The Mystical Rose, Paraguay
Myrrh weeping Icon Khabarovsk, Russia
Weeping statues - A pilgrim's story
Rosa Mística cries tears of blood Santiago del Estero, Argentina
Rosa Mystica weeps oil, exudes pearls, Florida
Weeping Rosa Mystica, Venezuela
Our Lady of Fatima tearful, Italy
Weeping statues Cuenca, Ecuador
Hempstead, NY Weeping Icons at St. Paul's Orthodox Church
Virgin Mary statue sweats oil in Paraguay
The Myrrh streaming Icons of Hawaii
The Wonderworking Icon of the Mother of God of Livonia oozing oil
Mystic Rose weeps tears of blood Caracas, Venezuela
Oil oozing Jesus Image, Houston Texas
The Virgin cries blood in Iguazú and Lagrimea
Our Lady cries, Puerto Iguazu
The Virgin Cries at a Catholic University campus Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Rose Mystica tears of blood, Bogotá, Colombia
Oil weeping religious items Lakeland, Florida
Our Lady of Naju wept tears of blood also fragrant oil, Korea
Weeping statue of the Sacred Heart, Gold Coast Australia
Virgin Mary Icon crying tears of oil, France
The Virgin who cries in Apostles, Argentina
A message in miraculous tears
Myrrh-flowing Icon in Ukraine Monastery
Blood-weeping statue of Our Mother of the World
Painting of Our Lady of the Divine Will weeps oil
Seeping oil from Icons at the Coptic Orthodox Church of St. Mark, Ohio
Oil weeping Rosa Mystica statue, Greece
Virgin Mary painting weeps Musetesti, west Romania
Weeping Icon Damascus, Syria
Weeping Madonna of Syracuse Sicily
The weeping statue of the Immaculate Conception
Weeping statue of Our Lady of Lourdes
Conyers, Georgia, A Weeping Icon
Rosa Mystica weeping oil, escarchas appear, Paraguay
Our Lady of Coromoto weeps oil Caracas, Venezuela
Weeping Holy Icon Of The Mother of God
Holy Weeping Icon Of Mother Of God, Romania
Oil seeping from wall, Bleeding Hosts at Audrey Santo's
The Miraculous Weeping Icon Our Lady of Cicero
Statue in Lawrenceville, Georgia weeps oil
Miraculous weeping Icon of St. Irene Chrysovalantou
Tears of oil wept from Crucifix Manitoba, Canada
Replica of Holy Protection Icon weeps oil, North Carolina
The Myrrh streaming Icon of The Iveron Mother of God
Our Lady's Eucharist bled in Rome
Saint Philomena statue exuded a miraculous oil
Our Lady of Calvary, Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, Poland
Stigmata and Cross oozing fragrant oil, Australia
The Guiding Mother of God Weeping Icon
Weeping Fatima statue on feast of Corpus Christi
Rose Mystica cries Bucaramanga, Colombia
Tears and blood weeping Blessed Mother, Guatemala
Weeping Christ Image Robstown, Texas
Weeping Mystical Rose Statue in Connecticut
International Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima
Medjugorje Mary cried/Infant Jesus wept blood Cavarzere, Italy
A blood weeping statue in Agoo, Philippines
Our Lady of Fatima weeps, Bethlehem Catamarca
Our Lady of Guadalupe statue weeps in Las Vegas
Miraculous painting of the Virgin Mary of Mantua
The Weeping Icon of Marijapovch
Bleeding Crown of Thorns
In Mura Our Lady's statue cried tears of blood
Bleeding Image of Mary, Chile
Rosa Mystica statue in Tver, Russia wept fragrant tears
Miraculous Icon of Our Lady oiling myrrh scented oil
Weeping Blessed Mother, Santa Ana, El Salvador
Christ Crucified weeps tears of oil, Asprokambos, Greece
Maternity of Our Lady statue wept Pittsburgh, PA
Oil weeping religious items, California
Madonna of the tears weeps blood Trevi, Italy
Pierina Gillio's weeping Rosa Mystica statues
Missionary Image of Guadalupe Virgin wept tears of blood
Statue of Our Lady weeps in Bangladeshi
Sacred Heart of Jesus cries blood, Paraguay
Images of Jesus that have wept or bleed in Canada
Scourged Saviour statue wept Wieskirche, Germany
Regina Mundi weepings tears of blood, Italy
Mystical Rose Statue wept in a chapel in Brooklyn, NY
Former friar claims more than 1,000 medals have exuded oil, Kansas
Miraculous Myrrh-streaming Icon of St. Nicholas
A Sorrowful Immaculate Heart of Mary statue bleeds from Her Heart
Immaculate Heart of Mary picture shed tears of blood, Canada
Mystical Rose cried tears of blood, Ecuador
Painting of the tearful Madonna weeps
Our Lady of Akita weeping statue
Water from Eucharist vessel turned blood-like red, Minnesota
Image of Our Lady of the Rosary weeping tears of blood, Italy
National Fatima Pilgrim Virgin weeps in Damascus and Haiti
North American Pilgrim Virgin weeping in Long Island, NY
Rosa Mystica eyes redden face softens while she weeps large tears
Mary's Bleeding Heart - Our Lady oozes oil, cotton by heart bleeds
The Madonna of Civitavecchia weeps tears of blood
Mother Mary & Sacred Heart of Jesus cry, Ohio
Myrrh weeping Icons Warren, Ohio
Mother of God flowing tears Terespol, Poland
Statue of Our Lady of Grace weeps Medford, Massachusetts
Bleeding Rosa Mystica Antioquia, Colombia
Jesus of Mt. Calvary wept tears, Korea
Bleeding Virgin Mary Portaitissa
Bleeding Icon of the Savior in Moscow
Fatima statue weeping, Canada
Weeping Icon of Klokochovo
Sacred Heart picture of Jesus weeping blood, India
Rosa Mystica cries Maracaibo,Venezuela
Infant Jesus wept human tears, Italy
Oil seeping from Crucified Christ Bethlehem, PA
Our Lady Rosa Mystica weeps oil/grace of escarchas, Maracaibo
Image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus began to bleed, Austin Texas
Crucifix of Limpias came alive and wounds wept blood
Images and Icons weep in South America
Our Lady of Lourdes sheds tears, Ukraine
Weeping statue of St. Philomena
Bleeding Crucifix Marshall, Alaska
The Mystical Rose cries tears of blood Lara, Venezuela
Our Lady of Lourdes cries, San Antonio, Chile
Weeping statues at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church, Virginia
Weeping Icon Ramallah, West Bank
Our Lady weeps tears of blood, Cruz del Eje, Argentina
The Myrrh Streaming Icon of St. Anna
World Apostolate of Fatima Blessed Mother statue weeps
Our Lady of Medjugorje wept, Argentina
Weeping Icon, Our Lady of the Holy Protection of Barberton, Ohio
The Bleeding Candle/Our Lady of Guadalupe's powerful intercession
El Cristo Peregrino oozes red liquid, myrrh, emerald escarchas
Blood Oozes from Mother Mary's eyes Uttar, Pradesh, India
Myrrh Streaming Icons, Indiana
Oil oozed from statue brought home from Medjugorje
Miracle of the Multiplying Oil in Container
Mama Mary and Child Jesus cry blood - send scent of roses, Argentina
Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal cries in San Luis, Argentina
Icon of Christ the Savior streams myrrh, Russia
Weeping Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos Milan, Italy
Rosa Mystica oozes oil, Escarchas, Mexico
Rhoda Wise' St. Therese the little flower statue that shed tears
Vision of Our Lady is painted then weeps tears of oil
Our Lady cried, heart bled, Italy
Mother Mary cries Sabah, Malaysia
Miraculous oil in Montreal, Canada
Our Lady of Fatima cries tears of blood, Philippines
Rosa Mystica exudes oil in Saltillo, Mexico
Tear falls from Our Lady at orphanage chapel near Medjugorje
Our Lady of Compassionate Protection wept rose scented oil, California
The Blessed Mother wept tears of oil, Florida
Miracle in Kakheti, Virgin Mary Icon Bleeds
Blood weeping crucified Jesus, Ladeira
Our Lady of Lourdes wept Salta, Argentina
Saint Sharbel oozes oil Las Vegas, Nevada
In Venezuela Christ cries blood, Mystic Rose emanates glitter
Our Lady of Fatima/Crucifix sweating oil El Salvador
Two separate incidents of weeping Blessed Mother statues, Africa
Blessed Mother Mary, sacramentals weep oil, Michigan
Mary cries tears of oil Tarshiha, Israel
Statues weeping tears of oil northern California
Weeping Madonna Casapulla, Italy
Mary cried tears of blood, Trinidad West Indies
Medjugorje Mary weeps, Montevideo, Uruguay
Myrrh weeping Icon Fletcher, North Carolina
Icon of the Archangel Michael streaming myrrh in Greece
Our Lady Rosa Mystica cries, Lambayeque, Peru
Weeping Madonna Newcastle, England
Windsor Ontario's weeping Madonna
Weeping Icon of Christ Columbus, Ohio
Icons exuded myrrh Churkin, Astrakhan, Russia
Icon of Kazan Mother of God weeps myrrh Barnaul, Russia
St. John the Baptist Icon streaming oil, Homer Glen, Illinois
Oil seeping wall Surrey British Columbia, Canada
Mary cries at a San Juan, Argentina school
Lily among the thorns oil/blood weeping Our Lady of Fatima, Icon, Crucifix
Giulio Massa's Bambino weeping tears of blood
Mary weeps tears of oil Fresno, California
Virgin Mary cries Floridablanca, Colombia
Virgin Mary sheds tears, Honduras
Blessed Mother Mary cries tears of blood, Bolivia
Christ crowned with thorns wept Foggia, Italy
Mama Mary/Face of Christ weep Messina, Italy
Virgin of Guadalupe weeps, Mexico
Holy Mother of God Icon cries, Macedonia
Pools Of Blood appear at Gethsemane, Israel
The Virgin of Coromoto wept in Weston, Florida
Virgin Mary weeps blood, Los Naranjos, Argentina

Miraculous Video's


In 1988 Reporter Michael Willesee made a report entitled "Signs from God - Science Tests Faith," on the appearance of stigmata displayed by a woman, Catalina Rivas. Also on the bleeding statue of Christ that mysteriously weeps and bleeds in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Catalina writes in a continuous fashion, profound theological teachings, which she says are dictated to her by Christ. See videos about these events. More video clips from the reporter here.


See videos from the Our Lady of Rockingham shrine. Learn more about these events at Weeping Madonna.org also Blog.